Selma Ergeç’s new interview: "I use second-hand clothes"

Selma Ergeç’s ‘Selen’ in Camdaki Kız feel regretfull about not being a doctor!

Октябрь 20, 2021 - 08:55
Октябрь 14, 2021 - 13:32
Selma Ergeç’s new interview: "I use second-hand clothes"

Explaining that she left the medical school to act, Selma Ergeç said that she remained as a doctor in medicine. Selma Ergeç expressed her feelings as follows: “Medicine was a profession I chose very willingly, but then life’s coincidences brought me here. While acting from time to time, I always thought that I would return to medical school and advance in this field. When I said I will be acting for a while, my grandfather said: ‘Acting is a profession without bread’. She means you’re hungry.

Of course, it’s a profession with no guarantees, so it was met with some trepidation by my family as well. In the final, we came to this day after a corner, by a lot of coincidences. I love my job very much, but not having continued in the medical field is also in my heart.”

The actress, who took a break from the sets for a while after she got married and had a child, answered the question of whether she had difficulties in shooting that took hours: “We are trying to establish an order now. Everyone is trying to put the industry in order together.

Now I see that there are some rules brought by sectoralization and the obligation to comply with them. We are only at the beginning of the road, of course, I believe it will be much better. As long as these become clearer, I think life gets easier and as a result, the quality of the work increases.”

The actress, who also made candid statements about her outfit choices to the magazine, said that she prefers to wear comfortable clothes in her daily life. Selma Ergeç said, “I don’t like to wear tight clothes, I get bored. I like to dress comfortably. I use second-hand clothes that are comfortable and wear out even if this is not a problem. I don’t serve the clothes, so let it serve me. I’m in favor of comfort, ”she said.