"Meryem Uzerli ruined everything! " Statement of the producer of the Magnificent Century project

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Producer of the world-famous Turkish TV series "Magnificent Century" Timur Savji this week became a guest of "Hayat Okul" on the YouTube channel Simge Fistikoglu.

The producer made a statement that surprised fans of the popular actress Meryem Uzerli a lot.

As many of her fans remember, Meryem Uzerli, who played the main role in the Magnificent Century, left the project due to "internal burnout".

According to the producer, the departure of the actress destroyed everything, and he could hardly restrain himself from outbursts of anger.

"This is disrespectful to the creators of the project, to colleagues. Then she wanted to come back, even her brother intervened, but there was no way back," Timur said.

Recall that the role of Hurrem Suoan in the TV series "The Magnificent Century" made Meryem Uzerli truly famous. It was after participating in this project that the actress rose to a new stage in her career and won worldwide love.

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