Fahriye Evcen behind the scenes: archive video that conquered the network

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Актриса Фахрие Эвджен - одна из самых знаменитых и талантливых представительниц современного турецкого кинематографа. Сейчас она находится перед новым этапом своей карьеры: стартует исторический сериал с участием Фахрие под названием «Алпарслан».

On the eve of the series' airing, interest in the actress naturally intensified even more. After the birth of the baby, Fahriye did not appear on the screen for about 4 years, fans really missed her.

Representatives of one of the actress's fan clubs posted an archive video on social networks "Fakhrie Evdgen on the set of an advertisement behind the scenes." Analysts note that the video aroused great interest of the audience. Despite the fact that the video was shot a few years ago, it has become a real discovery for many Internet users.

Recall that in Russia, Fakhrie Evdzhen is well known for the TV series The Songbird Kinglet, in which she shared the set with Burak Ozchivit.

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