The famous actor spoke about an unpleasant experience in the "Magnificent Century"

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The famous Turkish actor Bartu Kucukcaglayan became a guest of the popular program of Merich Aral and Efe Tuncher on YouTube.

During the interview, the artist spoke about the unpleasant situation associated with the TV series "Magnificent Century".

Bartu Kyuchyukchaglayan, who was invited to audition for the series many years ago, faced an unpleasant situation.

"I was sent a very long text that I had to tell at the audition. I worked for several days to memorize it. When I went to audition, the director stopped me, saying that no one had considered me for this role. It was very unpleasant. I still remember it," says the artist, who was later accepted into the cast of the TV series "Magnificent Century. The Empire of Kesem."

 Bartu Kucukchaglayan is an actor, writer and musician, born in Eskisehir, Turkey. In 2001, he studied acting at Istanbul University-the State Conservatory.

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