Burak Deniz is free again: the actor's heart is open for a new love

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Burak Deniz is a popular Turkish actor who is known not only in his country, but also abroad. After participating in the project "Marashenets", where he played the main role, the artist gained international fame.

The subject of discussion of fans and the media is not only the artist's work, but also his personal life. Recently Burak met with the famous model Didem Soidan.
The press "divorced" the lovers many times, but they denied the breakup. However, this time the artist's heart was really freed: the young people even unsubscribed from each other in social networks.

Burak's fans begin to "match" him and look for a new girl.Subscribers suggest that he can make a good match with Serenay Sarykaya, with whom he plays the main roles in the new project "Shahraman".

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