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A brand new, bright, slimmed down and rejuvenated Pelin Karakhan. It was such a star of the "Magnificent Century" that fans saw in the last picture. The last photo of the actress caused a real stir not only among fans, but also in the media. Diet? Plastic surgery? Photoshop? Subscribers were lost in guesses, but the artist herself explained the reason for the changes in the comments.

She wrote that she had learned to think positively, and this greatly affected her appearance and physical condition.

According to the star, sadness and anger destroy not only the nervous system and human health, but also affect the face.

"Happiness and positivity are the recipe for beauty," Pelin wrote.

 Pelin Karakhan was remembered by Russian viewers thanks to the Turkish TV series "Magnificent Century", where she played the daughter of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire - Mihrimah Sultan. After filming in the series, the actress "woke up famous" and was literally bombarded with offers of new roles. Nevertheless, Pelin chose to take maternity leave and immersed herself in caring for her family.

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