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Famous actress Birce Akalay has stepped into the jewelry industry in recent months and founded the jewelery and jewelry brand she named after herself.

Contrary to expectations, the screen adventure of the successful actress, who was included in the cast of the second season of Son Yaz series broadcast on Fox TV, with the role of ‘Sare’, did not last long. When the series did not get the expected ratings, it was decided to make the final.

When this is the case, Birce Akalay is currently focusing on the jewelry brand that bears her name. The actress, who has set up an Instagram account for the Birce Fine Jewelery brand, brings together her jewelery and jewelry designs, all of her own designs, with her enthusiasts.

Another feature of the jewelry in the unique collection, which consists of precious and semi-precious necklace, earring and ring designs, is that each design is based on a different story.

The actress shared her Instagram account; She also shared her brand’s new account with her followers by writing “Welcome to my new wonderland, my new corner”.

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